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Job Title:
Accounting Manager
Job Description:
  Oversee all aspects of accounting including AR, AP, Balance Sheet, Income statement, Inventory Control, Cash Flow management, Taxes, and preparation for audits; Make monthly, quarterly and annual financial and operation report for PATLITE headquarters in Japan; Supervise Accounting Staff; Manage Company investments; Interpret financial/accounting reports and rules of Japanese headquarters for U.S. staff; Serve as U.S. representative for Japanese executive managers visiting from headquarters for meetings and trainings; Report financial data to Executive VP and to Japan as necessary; Contact HQ with any ERP issues; Maintain ERP database customers, models, pricing, etc.; Review potential new customer's credit history and make appropriate recommendations; Manage AR to minimize risk to company; Work with auditors as required; Work with accountant to file income tax returns in a timely manner; Work with bank to arrange transfers to Japan or any other country as necessary; Keep informed on changes to tax laws and take appropriate action; and Develop, maintain, and monitor appropriate control procedures as necessary. Supervise 8 subordinates: Sr. Accounting Assistant, Accounting Assistant, Customer Service Supervisor, Customer Service, Warehouse Manager and Warehouse Staff.
Job Requirements:
  U.S. Bachelor's Degree or foreign degree equivalent in Business Administration or Economics and one year of experience in the job offered or one year of experience with accounting practices of privately-held manufacturing and/or distribution clients. Special skills: One year of experience representing U.S. based subsidiaries of Japanese companies in documenting business transactions, financial positions, assets and liabilities and capital and operations using GAAP rules; one year of experience with manufacturing systems and their implications on financial reporting; one year of experience with material flow and management practices; and one year of experience in manufacturing cost accounting/ERP standard.
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