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Network Monitor Signal Tower 60mm
Network Monitor Signal Tower 60mm
The NHL has a three-tiered signal tower with a buzzer and E-mail sending capability to report to a network manager immediately when a network event occurs via network connection.

Product Features

Correspond to SNMP Protocol
• Cooperate with various kinds of network devices that support SNMP protocol
• Possible to send SNMP Trap Exclusive MIB loaded
• Network Monitor Signal Tower loads the exclusive MIB to control itself with SNMP Ping Monitoring
• Monitor the health of (up to) 16 network devices using Ping Corresponds to RSH Command
• Warning light, flashing, buzzer can be easily activated by RSH command Prevent unauthorized access and information leakage
• By cooperating with an Asset Management Software, warning light, flashing and buzzer can be activated as warning when
unauthorized access is attempted


Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - Tower diameter: 60mm
- Overall dimensions: 69mm x 126mm x 338mm
OPERATING VOLTAGES - AC100-240V (NHL-3FB1U Adaptor included)
PROTOCOLS - Physical Layer: 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX
- Data Link Layer: CSMA/CD
- Network Layer: IP/ICMP/ARP
- Transport Layer: TCP/UDP
- Application Layer: HTTP/RSH/SMTP/SNMP/POP/DNS/Socket/NTP/DHCP
FUNCTIONS - Ping Device Monitor
- RSH Command
- SNMP v1・v2
- Self-diagnosis
- Application Monitor
- E-mail Transmission
BODY STYLE Interface converter:
- Low-profile steel mounting base
- Bumper pads installed to protect surface finish
- Pre-assembled, mounted to converter base
- Interchangeable LED Modules
BODY COLOR - Interface Converter Base: Off-white
- Tower: Beige
STACKABLE TIERS - 3 tiers only
MODULE COLORS - LED source Color: Red / Amber / Green (only)
- Lens Color: clear Lens
AUDIBLE STYLE - Alarm 1: selectable, Slow Intermittent
- Alarm 2: selectable, Fast Intermittent
- Alarm 3: Fast Burst
- Alarm 4: Continuous
- UL
- RoHS


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